Sunday, August 26, 2007

Easy Come, Easy Go

Last Tuesday I received insurance benefits from my mother's death last year. I had planned to use some of it to pay off a home equity loan that she and I had taken out in the 1990's. Then I was looking forward to having a little cushion of money, just enough to keep the wolf from the door. Right.

I payed the remainder owing on the loan on Wednesday. On Friday, my poor old car began to make a strange knocking sound. The diagnosis: an almost thrown rod. In short, the knocking was a death rattle. Now, the car has been a good one. I bought it new in December of 1995. It has taken me many places with no major repairs. It owes me nothing.

My daughter and I walked from the car repair place about a mile to a local car dealership where we spent my small cushion of money on a down payment on a nice used car. After all was said and done, even though my cushion dwindled to $32.82 (yeah, we really cut it close!), I was grateful that it happened this week instead of last week -- we would have been stuck with no transportation. I think my mom is still looking out for me! By the way, she would have loved this car. It is a lovely dark blue Chrysler Sebring with all the bells and whistles, including a sun roof. And it has a working air conditioner!

Knitting News

I have finished the front of the christening gown (Oh, we now have a name; the new baby will be Charlotte, so Amelia talks about Baby Charlotte, instead of Baby Whosie). I am very pleased with the way this pattern is turning out. It is very pretty without being too frou-frou. I am still waiting to get a cable so I can show you pictures. Maybe I can do that later today.

I have started a short shawl for a dear friend who has been diagnosed with cancer and is undergoing chemo. I wanted something truly soft and warm and comforting like a hug from a friend. I found some perfect yarn at Jo-Ann's. It is their Sensations brand Bellezza Collection Dolcetto, a wool/nylon/cotton blend, that is wonderfully soft and lofty. I am using a very simple pattern in garter stitch. I hope to have the shawl finished before she has to go for her next chemo session. Isn't it a comfort that we can put our hopes and prayers for a friend into a tangible item?


Sharon said...

I'm glad you have a car to bring you back to Threadbear one day. Hope the financial cushion comes to you too. Looking forward to seeing the completed christening gown. It was coming along so beautifully!

susan said...

like my cousin used to say, "my ship came in and it sank."
find that cable soon so we can see those pictures