Friday, August 17, 2007

Playing Catch-up

I have been neglecting my blog lately. This is the week that I had to come to terms with my attitude about returning to work in this state, instead of in Colorado, where I want to be. The nature of teaching requires that the teacher be one who has a positive attitude and can instill that attitude in his/her students. Therefore it was time for an attitude adjustment on my part.

I now have two classrooms to decorate and prepare for the opening days of school. The music room is no problem - it has no bulletin boards. I hate bulletin boards! They just sit there with their blank faces staring accusingly at you until you finally cover them with something. There are FOUR bulletin boards in the room that will be my homeroom.

I went to school yesterday to work for a little while, having first stopped at a teacher supply store. I purchased some bulletin board border and a few posters and a wonderful fabric pocket chart for attendance. I had not been there long when one of the other teacher's children came in to ask if they could help me. I was delighted to let these great kids work on the bulletin boards. They finished three of them, and the boards look wonderful! So, thanks Livie, Adam, and Katie!


I certainly hope that the old adage "Third time's charm," is true. I was working on the socks with the Jitterbug yarn using a toe-up lace pattern. It was coming out well. I had worked about three inches of the lace pattern on the instep. Then I decided that it would really bother me to wear a sock with this much patterning on the instep. I am not fond of pattern on the foot part of socks as the pattern part can be uncomfortable to wear. So, defeated once more, I ripped the whole thing out again! Now we are going for a plain foot with maybe some lace on the leg. Maybe. I make no promises! Too bad I haven't taken any pictures, so that you could see all my many sock boo-boos. I will be posting more pictures when we get a new USB cable for the camera.


susan said...

i'm tellin' ya, sheila, the pattern on the jitterbug label is a no brainer and w/ the glorious colors, who needs lace!?

isn't it great when someone offers to do what you just dread. hope your year is a good one.

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