Sunday, November 4, 2007

Halloween Cuteness

Here is a little Halloween squirrel? chipmunk? She wanted to be an orange kitty, but they lost the kitty ears and tail. Her mother tried to make some out of felt, but they turned out looking more squirrel-like.


Granddaughter #2 is scheduled to appear on next Friday, November 9 (by c-section). She may, of course, decide to come early.


My daughter apparently has the pregnant women's nesting urge going on. She told me the other day that she had decided the new baby needed something knit to wear home from the hospital. She is trying to knit an outfit, clean house for her in-laws visit, and manage a very active nearly three-year-old. Naturally I am trying to help by working on a knitted outfit myself. Just a little kimono top and diaper cover and hat. The top is finished, so I should be able to knit the other two garments by Tuesday. Then I can send them express mail. Pictures soon.


Sharon said...

Aw, pretty cute munchkin herself. There are no slouches in the granddaughter department, are there. Are you knittermusing on Ravelry too? I'll go check and friend you.

susan said...

such a cutie, we, sharon, you and i have the best granddaughters in the world. we are very lucky women and i hope you get your wish to be closer very soon.

blessings to the new baby.