Sunday, July 29, 2007

Pictures? YES!

This is my first successful attempt (after many frustrating tries) to post a picture. This little sundress was knit from a Sassy Skein kit that I purchased on eBay. It was fun to knit. The yarn is mercerized cotton. The kit contained everything: yarn, pattern, needle (US size 6 circular - but I used my favorite: Addi Natura), measuring tape, buttons, tapestry needle, and more!

The pattern was only for the sundress. I had yarn left over, so I decided to make a little diaper cover as well. I just sort of made it up as I went. I'm not entirely sure I could replicate it. But I was pleased with the results. So was Amelia -- she calls them her clown pants. The dress was made in the 4T size which was just perfect for her. She is a very tall girl for her age. She will not be three until November. Her dad is 6'4", so it's not too surprising that she is on the tall side.

And here she is (acting like a clown) modeling her sundress and "clown pants."

Sorry about the slightly fuzzy picture quality. Blame it on an uber cheap camera and a moving target! It couldn't possibly be the fault of the photographer. Right?


susan said...

cute dress and even more cute model! hope to see you tomorrow. oh, wait, make that later today!

Sharon said...

Totally adorable...dress and Amelia. :) I've got you bloglined and blogrolled, and it was lovely to meet you today, Sheila.